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April starts with more spring showers, wind and rain. A rainy winter has become a rainy spring.

If we had a gold piece for eveytime Eiche has asked "why" lately, we might actually be able to afford to live in California (well, almost)! He must say this word atleast a hundred time before lunch--"Mommy, why that man doing that?...Mommy, why that bird is brown?...Mommy, why it raining?.... Mommy, why it daytime?" Mommy, why you pulling your hair out when I talk all day long with no break and ask you why? why? why?"... Honestly, I love him dearly and adore his sweet voice, but it is hard to continually be spoken to for twelve hours a day, especially by someone who expects a reply! I am sure this is a technique they must be using on the hardest cases at Git'mo--it could bring Ashcroft himself to his knees!

Jeff: Our daffodil pots in the little courtyard off Eiche's bedroom are in bloom now, and we will soon move them out front to surprise neighbors and passers by, who are probably used to the cyclamen and the Persian brass stool that sit by the front door.

Saturday, the 2nd: Eiche spends a busy day at Poppa Ed and Nonna, playing with Kyle and the next door neighbor's daughter Tara. She lends Eiche and Kyle a sit-in car which causes some fussing! Nonna reports that Kyle stiff-armed Eiche successfully--both of the younger cousins have now shown that they can take care of themselves around the "big kids."

Thursday and Friday, 7th and 8th: Eiche officially begins at the preschool at The San Francisco Waldorf School. He says a cheerful goodbye to me (Melissa) and proceeds to have a nice day making bread and soup. He also meets Mr. Shioya, the eurythmy teacher and joins right in with the other children as they move to his warm voice. Jeff and I have taken some evening movement classes with Mr. Shioya and like him a good deal. On the way home Eiche mentions "new friends" with a big smile!

The next day, Friday, I begin to work with Lalla Carini at a young twos parent-toddler program while Eiche is at "Heidi and Nicola's". About a third of the children are not yet two! This is an age group I have never worked with and beginning with parents watching every move I make is especially challenging. It is not that the parents are critical or unkind, it is that they may prescribe a meaning to any action I take, or don't take! Some of these observations may lead them to make conclusions about our program or Waldorf education that may not be accurate. Other observations may suggest to them that "this is how we do it," which in the vulnerable world of parenting-at-choice may come across as disapproval or disagreement with the choices they may be making. I believe the parents in the group will come to see that I eagerly support them in the rich discovery, day by day, of the ever unfolding and changing roles as mother and father. then, together, we can really turn our attention to the true core of our transformations--the children.

When I arrive at the preschool to pick up Eiche on Friday Nicola tells me he will be right out, he's just on the potty at the moment! This is pretty exciting as he is not yet potty trained!

Jeff: After we're all back at home, Eiche fills his walker wagon with trains, cars, and other toys, and tells me he's selling them. Later he also sells a toy horse, a toy snake (a strip of cloth), and some ice cream (a cowrie shell).

Melissa: Eiche is very confidently "showing me how to do things" at home, just as the other children are showing him how to do things at school, I suppose. He even takes me to the bathroom and shows me where the toilet paper is. Then he says he is going to step outside and let me have my privacy, but he will be waiting for me if I need help! I am gald he is feeling so welcome at school and so capable within himself!

Saturday and Sunday, the 9th and 10th: Eiche and Melissa head out to Palo Alto and A car FULL of laundry. Eiche is pretty lethargic by the afternoon and is down right burning up with a fever by early evening. A call to the advice nurse at Kaiser suggests that Eiche may have brought home more than a big smile from preschool. She says the symptoms I am describing sounds like gastoenteritis. We wait for the possible explosion of vomit and diarrhea but 24 hours later our little guy is cooling down and feeling better. He seems to run a fever easily but often avoids the worst of illnesses--I hope he will keep his healthy immune system!

When mom gets home Sunday night she is delighted to see that Jeff has put our bursting daffodil pots out by the front door.

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