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Let us know if you get something from this list so that we may thank you (!) and remove it. (The date we last changed the page is at the bottom).

NOTE: recent changes--bike basket;cloth apron; wooden deer, bird, squirrel, bear; Mary's dough, small wooden dough wheel, and small cookie cutters have all been removed--thank you!

FAMILY PHOTOS Need I say more?


Here are some favorite titles we get from the library again and again. It would nice to have "keeper copies."


Currently Eiche is in great shape from winter clothes but summer is coming and he will need....everything!

As of January 2005, we are getting size 4/4T tops and size 3/3T bottoms, which he wears with suspenders as he is slender at the waist. Eiche weighs 31 pounds and stand 35 1/2 inches tall.

EICHE DO IT -- tools for doing things

Like all young children, Eiche loves to be involved in the life of the family, especially work! The following items would enhance his participation in home- and self-care activities.

Eiche just got a crank-driven nut chopper which he was enjoying using to help garnish dinner. He also used it to chop pecans for his birthday cake.


The first two items on the list are finishing pieces for a play dough basket: We have the basket, dough, cookie cutters, pizza wheel, a rolling pin,and a garlic press. We would like:

TOYS -- our cup runneth over!

Again, Eiche is in good shape for toys, particularly train and car items!! Even if he had more wheels, he couldn't play more successfully with them, or be any happier, so no wheels right now, please!

Some things that would be nice to add to Eiche's play right now are wooden forest animals, especially those familiar from our outdoor time (turtle, frog, etc.) or from stories (fox, owl, snake, etc).

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