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Good Style is important for a multi-author collaborative community Wiki site.

For example:

Simple tips for Mom and Dad:

Make a list by putting space-space-space-*-space at the beginning of a line.

Make a numbered list by putting space-space-space-1-space at the beginning of each line.

  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third

A URL ending with .jpg or .gif (or .jpeg, or .png) gives an inline image:

Other URLs are links:

Refer to other pages by typing their name: EicheWiki, Momma, Dad. Pages are either two or more capitalized words together (EicheWiki), or a capitalized word followed by a number (April2002), or one or more words connected by underscores ( Kibbles_And_Bits ... oops, it's supposed to work ).

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