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TeamEiche starts the month all together, which means Momma and Dad can sleep in a little bit.

Eiche's grandfather ("Big George", to Eiche's "Little George"), put up his jumping chair (designed to hang from a doorframe) in the plum tree out front. Eiche really likes to jump up and down, and was pounding the grass flat.

3-July: Eiche is 5 months old.

4-July: Dad gets a job offer. Eiche slept through the fireworks whistling and popping outside (illegal in Cotati, but legal across the city limits two blocks away).

15-July: Eiche gets a dose of therapeutic pear juice. (baby answer to prune juice) It works like a charm.

20-July: Eiche goes to Gene and Natalie's wedding. Eiche is babbling (ba ba ga).

28-July: Melissa's parents go home to New Mexico. We're very happy they could stay and help us for so long.

Eiche ends the month with two teeth, same as at the start.

Lots of pictures...still on their way.

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