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Eiche goes to several parks and playgrounds near home.

The "sunny park" is Hauke Park in Mill Valley, next to a fire/police station and near a salt/fresh estuary on the bay. There is a playground and large soccer fields.

The "shady park" is Old Mill Park in Mill Valley, shaded by redwoods and next to a creek. There is an old "gravity car" there from the days when it was a thrill ride to go down the slopes of Mt. Tamalpais in rail cars with hand brakes.

He often goes to Belvedere Park, which has a playground with a rope climbing structure (modern jungle gym).

Blackie's Pasture is a field with a monument to a retired horse who used to be a landmark along the old railroad line. It has a parking lot from which there is a coastal trail along the old Tiburon railroad grade. The trail goes along the shore past the water treatment center (with ponds of marsh birds). After that the trail skirts a soccer field, passes a small knoll, and arrives at a playground. We usually only follow it that far, but the trail goes to downtown.

Sometimes he goes to Boyle Park in Mill Valley. He's also been to the linear park in downtown Tiburon (mostly a grassy strip and paved walk between the ferry dock and a little fishing pier around a rock in the bay). Once there were sea lions splashing around in the bay.

A new favorite in Spring 2005 is a park in Corte Madera. I believe it's Pixley Park.

When Melissa was going to Saturday morning Waldorf teachers' training, Eiche and Daddy went to Golden Gate Park or the Presidio playground. Sometimes for Friday evening training we went to Japantown and walked up and down stairs and along the long corridors.

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