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In back of TheCove, through a gate, is a hill which is the grounds of the Tiburon Audubon Center ( ). They have a historic house, the Lyford House.

Recent reports (Oct 15, 2004) in The Ark, Tiburon's local paper, describe the early success of the plan to re-seed oysters in the San Francisco Bay. We've been watching the project over several months, and are happy they are meeting with success!

The view from the top of the hill south across the bay:

To the left, the high points are the summit of Angel Island and the hill that constitutes the town of Belvedere. San Francisco is hidden by fog (not unusual). To the right is the slope of the hill above Sausalito, behind which is the Golden Gate Bridge. Most of the water visible is in Richardson Bay, the part of SF Bay from Belvedere through Sausalito. This view is at a relatively high tide stage. At low tide there would be wide expanses of mud flats visible.

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