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Eiche and Momma are based in Las Cruces with her parents.

Eiche has seven teeth.

We do Christmas presents in early January. See SantaBaby.

Dad finishes his job with Valtech, visits the SF Bay Area, and picks up a temporary job with Plumtree Software.

We all go to Santa Fe, along with Eiche's grandparents Ed and Neta, to visit family friends Ouida and Tom, who are handing over management of their B&B to a young couple. We go to visit Plaza Blanca and the Ojo Caliente hot springs. Ouida's daughter Amy comes with her three daughters, the youngest is a few weeks younger than Eiche, but already walking. Eiche has a birthday cake, but he only gets to eat banana and a teething biscuit, because we're a little concerned about possible food allergies.

Near Las Cruces, in the Organ Mountains:

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