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December begins with Momma and Eiche in Penngrove and Dad flying back to New York to finish his contract job.

The second week of December, Eiche, Melissa, and Melissa's mother June fly to New Mexico. Eiche gets to see Uncle Paul and Aunt Marget, who are visiting. Paul and Marget suggest that if there's going to be a Christmas tree, it should sit inside a play-pen to protect it from Eiche!

He is trying more solid foods. He likes rice crackers, saltines and dinner rolls. Sometimes he likes sweet potatoes.

Eiche is doing more "deedle-eedle-eedle" babbling. He now has six teeth (three top, three bottom), and looks like another coming in.

Momma reports that Eiche seems interested in looking at his board book of The Very Busy Spider, since there's a single image of an animal on each left-side page. Other books have pictures which are more complex, and he seems more interested in chewing them than looking at the pictures.

Eiche seems to be trying to put his nesting cups together as well as taking them apart.

Mom, Dad, and Eiche spend a short time in New York together between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Eiche gets a wooden shaker egg from a museum gift store. We all fly back together to Las Cruces on New Year's Eve.

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