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Another busy month! Momma and Dad get help from family and friends packing up the Cotati house. Dad runs off to a short-term job in New York while Momma finishes packing. Eiche is happy to play in the boxes while everyone bustles about moving things into storage.

Dad comes home to visit on Nov. 16-17, and Eiche gets his 9 month picture on an upside-down rocking chair in the storage unit.

Momma and Eiche stay in a friend's house while final moving things are arranged.

Eiche has five teeth now, and maybe working on another. He's wearing "1-year-old" size clothes. He's trying more solid foods, but they are only a small part of his diet. He likes Cheerios oat cereal. He has learned to shake his head from side to side. He's babbling with D and L sounds. He is very good at crawling and likes to pull up. He likes to grab baskets and dump them out, including wastepaper baskets.

Dad is back again for Thanksgiving weekend, we clean out the "overflow" storage locker with Eiche supervising. Dad and Eiche take a walk from the Sessi house down to Penngrove Park and back, and Eiche sees crows, wild turkeys, and free-running chickens. (Dad sees some quail, but Eiche may not have spotted them).

28-Nov: Happy birthday Walker!

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