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It's frog season in the Baylands.

Jan 15-16: GrandmaJoan comes to visit, and we go to ArdenwoodFarm to see the animals.

Eiche has been learning to take turns by playing a new game (to him), Candy Land. He is also pretty good at a card-matching memory game, and he has amazing luck at a counting game, Hi-Ho-Cherry-O.

Jan 28: AuntieDar comes over to help put Christmas away. The ornaments are packed and the tree is chopped up with loppers for recycling in the city bin. For a while, Eiche has been putting plastic combs together (we got a big multi-pack), crossing them teeth to teeth and playing with them, calling them airplanes.

 Jeff: When you put them together, are they always airplanes?
 Eiche: Yes.  (moving it over the carpet) But this one's a boat, going over waves.

Eiche has been spending lots of weekend playtime with PapaEd. He saw Rio and Katie, and will plan to meet them on Sunday of his birthday weekend.
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