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The first week, at least, has not been so rainy as January. We haven't heard the sump pump for a while, and there have been patches of nice sunny weather.

Feb 3: Eiche is four! Dad takes a day off and we all go to San Francisco. Eiche has a birthday celebration at his preschool (a cake with blue frosting with red polka dots), and then we go up to Marin County to meet his friend Milo from when we lived at TheCove in Tiburon.

Feb 4: PapaEd and Nonna take Eiche to pick out a bicycle while Dad and Mom make sugar cookies as a treat. We all go to the park with cousin Gabriel and his dad Kenji. They boys ride their bikes around, play in the playground and kick a soccer ball.

Feb 6: Eiche's new wooden building blocks arrive! 70 pounds of fun, as Mom says. Eiche takes over the living room rug and builds roads and towers.

  Eiche: This is the tower of Jerusalem where King Herod lives. 
  (a narrow tower topped with a half-circle block): Look here, this is a palm tree! 

Over the Christmas holidays, Eiche enjoyed being read the story of Joseph and Mary and the birth of Jesus.

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