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March is springlike, with rain showers and sun, and even a little thunder. Our basement sump pump continues to work on and off.

Eiche and Mom continue their visits to the SanFranciscoZoo.

Eiche has been enjoying playing his board games -- Hi Ho Cherry-O, Crafty Badger, and Candy Land. This month he got a new memory card matching game with drawings of faces of children from around the world.

Eiche has been visiting PapaEd some weekends and bicycling on his bike with training wheels.

Eiche goes to see a adaptation of "Peter and the Wolf" done as a play at the birthday party of one of his classmates.

March 18: We hear a woodpecker banging away in the neighborhood.

March 19: Eiche goes to the Ostara celebration in Golden Gate Park with Mom.

March 20: In the morning, Eiche is trying to take the Candy Land board (which folds up in a complex way) and re-fold it into a garage or car port for his cars. He's somewhat successful in building a shelter at first, but when he tries to change it, it falls down like a house of cards.

March 22: Eiche and Mom drop Dad off at the Winchester Mystery House for some mysterious business. The nearby city park recently had three large and precariously leaning pine trees taken out, no doubt much to the resentment of the resident squirrels. Now they're digging out the stumps. Eiche got to watch a little of it today.

March 31: Cousin Chase Burnett is born, Kyle's brother.

This was a record-breaking March around here for days of rain.

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