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June brings us into summery weather, warm and sunny alternating with cool and cloudy.

4 June 2005: Mom, Dad, and Eiche have a big hike with Jennifer and Milo down Mt. Tamalpais from the Pan Toll Parking Lot to Stinson Beach along a creek, down stairs and even a ladder.

11 June 2005: Eiche and Dad go to the bicycle path near Richardson Bay Bridge. We see a BatRay flapping its wing-like fins in the shallow water, as well as snowy egrets dancing around after fish. Later in the afternoon at the Sunny Park, we meet two boys named Maxwell whose mothers each remember Eiche from last year.

The rest of June is very busy, but let me put some brief notes in.

Eiche, Mom, and Dad spend more time with Milo, his mom Jennifer, and their family, including two visits to the tide pools in Agate Beach in Bolinas, where we saw nudibranchs, crabs, a StarFish, and marine snails -- even a very small abalone shell -- but strangely no sea urchins. Another trip to Muir Woods included Milo's older brother Flynn.

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