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Eiche has words! His first word was "baby", then "mama", "ball", "bird".

"ball" is for anything he can grab with his hands, like a toothbrush. ("ball!" often seems to mean "give me that!") But most specifically for actual balls, including big exercise balls.

"bird" is for any animal (including a cat!).

Eiche, Melissa, and Jeff reunite in Salt Lake City at the family reunion at Auntie Karla's house and travel to California. Eiche stays with AuntieDar, with PapaEd and NaNita in Palo Alto, and at the Best Western at Rohnert Park.

Eiche is walking with support -- one or preferably two of his hands held for balance.

Eiche is back to visit his friends at the Roots and Shoots program of Summerfield Waldorf School in Santa Rosa on Tuesdays.

He has eight teeth.

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