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We think Eiche has learned to say "no!". Has he become a toddler overnight?

Eiche goes with Momma, Dad, and Grandma Joan to the Magical Years conference in Sacramento in the first weekend of April. Dad gets to hold the baby for most of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's quite a job!

Eiche is standing for up to half a minute without support, but still wants a hand (prefers two) for walking and running. Eiche gets lots of practice in supported walking, running, and kicking his Mossimo beach ball on the lawns and stairs at the conference. Dad's back manages to hold up.

Eiche gets to see lots of birds and animals, including magpies, crows, bluebirds, butterflies, sheep, goats, a big orange carp, and a llama.

After the conference, we stay a little with AuntieDar, then back to the BestWesternRohnertPark (our home away from home away from home, as Melissa says).

Mid-April finds us in Palo Alto with NaNita and PapaEd. Eiche says "bye-bye" when Dad is on his way to Caltrain for work in San Francisco.

Eiche can now walk up to four steps without support.

Ed and Jeff inflate a baby swimming pool with sun shade. It goes outside for the vinyl odor to disperse.

April 20 (Easter) in Palo Alto. Eiche has two new words: "flower" ("aaowr!") and "rock" from helping NaNita and PapaEd in the garden. Brad and Tana come over for Easter brunch and look forward to visiting Hawaii this summer.

April 23. Eiche is walking up to 12 steps or so. He weighs about 21-22 lbs (10kg). He is still taking IckyIronDrops with dinner.

April 30. Eiche helps Mom and Dad evaluate apartments in Marin County. His comment on the view: a new word, "water!".

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