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Eiche begins May in Palo Alto with Mom and Dad at PapaEd's and NaNita's.

Eiche is really walking now, and can make it from one room to another without support.

He sees Cousin Walker when Tim and Janet show up on a way to a friend's (wet?) wedding near Monterey.

Momma and Dad sign a lease on a new apartment at TheCove in Tiburon after 6 months without a home of their own! Dad is still working in San Francisco at Plumtree Software, and his commute is now much easier.

May 4: Eiche, Walker, and Gabriel get together for a repeat of the April2002 baby-thon. (BabyFestPicsMay2003) But now they're all walking and starting to talk. They follow each other around and occasionally grab toys from each other.

 May 8, morning (in Tiburon)
 Eiche is standing next to Jeff, holding onto his leg and looking up.
 Eiche: "Uh! Uhhhhhhhhhhh!"
 Dad: "Huh?"
 Momma: "He means, 'up!'"

May 8, evening Jeff is holding Eiche and trying to eat dinner standing up. Eiche (tapping Jeff's shoulder repeatedly with a finger): "Brr! Brr! Brr! Brr! Brr!" Jeff: "Oh, you want bread?"

More words: "up". Eiche also uses "brrr!" which sounds a lot like "bird", but I think is "brush", or "bread", and refers to objects that are not ball-shaped. ("Ball!" was used today used to refer to a small yellow rubber kick-ball, an orange, and a lime).

Eiche likes to brush his teeth, and if he sees Dad doing it, he wants to do it too. ("Brrr!") Sometimes he wants to brush Dad's teeth instead of his own.

May 8: Eiche has finished his second session of "Roots and Shoots" (Baby Waldorf School) at Summerfield in Santa Rosa, and is starting his third today.

A new LogoBaby image for Eiche to show his more grown-up self.

Three boxes of toys arrived from Las Cruces. Eiche was very excited by all the styrofoam peanuts (as well as the push toys he hadn't seen for weeks and weeks...since before he could walk on his own).

We tried to see the lunar eclipse, but couldn't get a good angle from the beach outside our apartment.

Eiche has started a new session at Summerfield Waldorf School's Roots and Shoots program. He's moved from being the "quiet baby" (and youngest in his class) to the "friendly baby" (and biggest/oldest in his new class). He runs around and hugs the other little kids.

Eiche's appetite for food has increased quite a bit. He doesn't seem to dislike his IckyIronDrops so much as he used to.

 Jeff is carrying Eiche.
 Eiche: "No, no, no, no, no, no, no." (steady, calm voice).
 Melissa: "He's practicing."

On Saturday the 30th, Eiche sees Jeff's Uncle Jim, who helps get some new furniture home.

Dad builds a Put and Take Column out of Eiche's stroller box (a tall square box), by cutting windows at baby head height and at the ground level, and anchoring the standing box under a table leg. Eiche puts things in the top windows and takes them out of the bottom.

On the last day of May, Eiche ran around the house with one of the plastic (plum or mini pool-ball size) balls from his pound-a-ball set, tossing it forward onto the ground and saying "Boo!" "Noo!" or "Pow!"

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