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November has some significant birthdays of the Cousins -- Kyle and Walker.

We began November by making apple crisp for All Souls Day. Eiche enjoyed turning the crank to peel, core, and slice the apples.

The container garden is sort of limping along with no attention, since it's been cool and sometimes rainy. Perhaps we should pull up the peppers at least, to rest the soil. The tomatoes are still valiantly trying to ripen fruit. The purple nightshade bush still has some blossoms. Melissa is reading gardening books.

The hills are turning green for the winter. Poppies are coming up from the rain, and fennel is flowering. But many trees are dropping their leaves. Though one plum tree across the street from is is blooming!

After a number of weeks not sure if our outdoor thermometer was working (it's in a shaded northwestern exposure, and seems stuck on 60'F), it's starting to show temperatures in the 40s and 50s F overnight and in the morning. Must be fall.

We are enjoying the new larger 2br apartment, which despite the all-directions shade is actually brighter indoors than the old "boxcar" 1br apartment. Lots of windows in the living room - kitchen space, as well as both bedrooms. I like having a kitchen window behind the sink.

Kyle's first birthday party on Saturday the 13th was quite an occasion, with Brad and Tana's families and friends coming from all over. There were several small children and a couple of bigger ones. Eiche mostly enjoyed playing with Kyle's presents, and a little bit with the other kids. Kyle liked his birthday cake, though it got all over his face, including his eyelashes. Jeff and Eiche stopped by PapaEd and Nonna's house for dinner.

Eiche's imaginative play is getting richer. He was making up stories about baby spiders living under the bread crumbs on his dinner plate, and hiding behind the sheer curtain dividing the kitchen from the living room, calling the little space between the floor lights under the breakfast bar his "house".

AuntieDar is back from her job in Pennsylvania! She comes to visit our new, big place and stay in our spare bedroom (probably will be Eiche's room next year).

Eiche was playing with the head of the hobbyhorse Melissa made as an art project for her unit on Parsival. He called it his pony Sunrise, and would like us to put the head back together with the stick.

For Thanksgiving, we went with AuntieDar to visit Melissa's friend Frannie in Sonoma County, as well as her daughter Taylor and Taylor's father Till. We stayed over Thursday and Friday. We had a nice walk around a wetlands nature park on the Petaluma River estuary. Pictures at Thanksgiving2004. On Sunday, Jeff and Eiche want to visit PapaEd in Palo Alto, where we took the tricycle for a spin down to the playground.

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