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3-Aug: Eiche is 2 1/2 and feeling his oats!

5-15 Aug: Melissa begins The Lifeways Training at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento. Jeff comes out for a week + weekend to watch Eiche after Auntie Dar takes the first few days. We go and see the California State Railroad Museum the first Sunday and take a ride on a steam train.

The Steam Train from Old Sacramento

Eiche's favorite fish in the RSC garden

The big orange carp seen in April2003 is still there. Eiche kept wanting to feed sand to the fish. He feeds fish food to the koi at Auntie Dorrie's roof top garden in Oakland--sand must seem like the next best thing!

31-Aug: EicheWiki restored by dint of a little editing of the text database dump, followed by much cutting and pasting. New LogoBaby from our latest visit to Sacramento, Eiche climbing a tree with rainbow dyed silks drying in the background. The silks are dyed with natural products--sunflower heads, various tree barks and roots, dead bugs--as part of Melissa's Lifeways Training! Much fun had by all!

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