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Eiche likes to watch birds. One of his earliest words was "birr!", applied indiscriminately to birds, cats, or whatever other animal was moving nearby.

AmericanWhitePelican seen in March2005 in the Novato baylands.

BlackCrownedNightHeron seen in May2005 in Mill Valley by the stream in Cascade Park (near midday).

AcornWoodpecker and GreatHornedOwl seen in July2005 in Deer Island Preserve near Novato. There are also Acorn Woodpeckers and YellowBilledMagpies in abundance near RudolfSteinerCollege in Sacramento.

The common birds near our home in Tiburon include crows, scrub jays, ravens, and seagulls. Nearby in the bay we see various ducks, geese, and wading birds such as Great Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets, Great Egrets, among others. In tall water-side grasses (like the water treatment ponds near Blackie's Pasture) we see RedWingedBlackbirds.

Eiche likes looking at pictures of birds and hearing bird calls on the World Wide Web. Barn owls were especially fascinating for a while. One place we go is ENature, .

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