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October starts hot, but by the 2nd week, things are cooling down. The part of the bay by our house is closed to boats through March as a sanctuary for migrating birds.

20 months old on Oct. 3rd.

Strawberry smoothies appear to be a good way to make IckyIronDrops taste good.

Our new favorite local park is the site of the old mill in Mill Valley, a cool redwood-shaded playground by a creek.

Eiche goes with Momma and Dad to see Auntie Karla and Auntie Tana at PapaEd and NaNita's house. Karla and Tana are both expecting new babies in a few months.

Eiche is talking like mad, but mostly one word at a time. Here are some words we've heard him say recently: "Eiche", "boat", "truck", "tractor", "my tractor", "baa" (sheep), "moo" (cow), "plane!", "cracker", "water", "juice!" (sounded more like "doose!"), "shoe", "tie shoe!"

And then the classic one-year-old vocalization: "uh, uh, uh, uh..." (pointing), meaning "I want that!".

A recent cover of the Economist magazine has a picture of a moose wearing red sunglasses. For some reason, this is very funny to Eiche and he laughs a lot when he sees it.

More words: "blue tractor!" (he has a magnetic farm set with a blue tractor), "throw rock!" (on our rocky bay shore).

Eiche is counting: "four! three! four! three!" (or "door! tree! door! tree!"). We've seen him count stair steps.

Some noises seem to startle or frighten him in ways they didn't in the past -- the click of a combination lock opening.

A reliable source has reported a new behavior: whining.

Momma, Dad, and Eiche go to the Marin Agricultural Land Trust's HarvestDayAtTheFarm on Oct. 12th to see farm animals ("horse!" "baa!" "moo!") and to pick up some seasonal decor: pumpkins. (

Late October: Eiche continues to get more talkative. Though most of it is incomprehensible, he's more clearly talking about things, often things he sees from the car window.

There was a big windstorm the Wednesday before Halloween. Eiche got out his pushbroom:

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