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Labor Day weekend is a busy time fixing up the house before Melissa's parents go home. Ed and Neta visit on Sunday. We put up shelves in the storage area and fix up the jog stroller with help from Melissa's dad George and Jeff's dad Ed. Melissa, her mom June, and Neta get things organized.

Eiche is 19 months old. He seems to be doing some typical toddler limits-testing by throwing things we would prefer that he not throw. We have been trying to redirect him to throw a ball (usually a soft ball) when he wants to throw something. The message seems to be sinking in, if not the preferred behavior. A couple of times lately, he has thrown something (like a wooden puzzle piece), we've looked at him, and he's said "Ball!"

On Wednesday morning, in the pre-dawn with lightning flashing in the clouds overhead, George and June leave for New Mexico, and Jeff, Melissa, and Eiche leave for the Oakland Airport. Melissa and Eiche are on their way to visit GrandmaJoan and Grandpa Toby in Seattle, then up to Bellingham to visit Cousin Walker, Tim, and Janet. Jeff holds down the fort at home.

Melissa and Eiche visit Seattle and Bellingham. They go to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, and look at salmon in the Hiram Chittenden Locks in Ballard. They visit Tim, Janet, and Walker in Bellingham, where Eiche impresses the relatives by liking spicy food. Eiche enjoys Walker's large collection of toy trucks and other things with wheels.

As the summer season ends, Roots and Shoots and Kindermusik are starting up again.

While PapaEd and NaNita are in Italy on vacation, we borrow their mini-van and take Eiche up to the storage unit to check some things in and take some things out. We recover the cookbooks and are able to close down our second storage locker. Victory! Unfortunately Eiche thinks the van cassette tape slot is a good place to put coins. Fortunately there is no permanent harm done.

We gather at Ed and Neta's for their wedding anniversary, with AuntieKarla and AuntieTana and UncleBrad (and two not-yet-babies). Karla's husband Jon is doing a marathon. Eiche loves running round and round Ed and Neta's house, from living room through dining room to kitchen and front hall and round again.

Momma and Eiche go up to Sonoma County on Monday 29 September to visit Laura, Dave, and Nic, and to stay with Frannie before Eiche's Roots and Shoots class on Tuesday.

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